Integral provides exhilarating, compassionate and inclusive aerial classes, so that we can help people discover the best version of themselves. We have kids classes for 5-7yrs, 8-12yrs, and 13-17yrs, as well as adults classes. Established in 2007, Integral exists because activity, creativity, and community are integral parts of living your best life. 

Our regular classes include: 

  • Aerial silks 
  • Aerial hoop/lyra 
  • Static trapeze 
  • Straps 
  • Sling/hammock
  • Handstands and handbalancing 
  • Flexibility, conditioning and contortion  

In our studio, there’s not a prima donna in sight. We believe there’s no such thing as ‘too old’, ‘too weak’, ‘too inflexible’ or ‘too scared’ to try. We’ll even hold your hand. Literally. We’re cute like that. 

We’re obsessed with working out crazy new stuff to try in the air so that we can keep giving our community fresh and exciting experiences. We’re also partial to nerding out over the human body, so that we know how to keep you safe and help you become pretty darn good at doing some really cool things with yours.

We love to perform at events and special occasions, but we totally understand you might not have that as your own aerial goal.

Our performance experience includes numerous private, corporate and charity gigs such as: 

  • Avon at Sydney’s Town Hall 
  • Mercedes Benz 
  • Subsonic Music Festival 
  • Circus on the Sand 
  • Drum Corp’s promotional film 
  • FILEX Fitness Convention at the ICC Sydney 
  • Wiping Tears and Humpty Dumpty Charity Balls

Our coaches draw on their backgrounds in physiotherapy, fitness, dance, gymnastics, circus, acrobatics, cheerleading, yoga and education. In combination with aerial arts practise, these diverse backgrounds influence our ever-evolving physical art form. 

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, a movement geek, looking for a challenge, entertainment, or just a fun, creative experience, we’d love you to come and play with us!