Narrabeen local emerging artist Karen Brock grew up on the outskirts of Sydney in rural Picton. She was raised in an artistic family environment, igniting her natural creativity to be explored later in her life.
Karen earned her Business Degree worked for 10 years with large corporates that provided structure and workplace skills in her life. However, her passion and creativity was always yearning to be explored.
She lived in the Southern Highlands for a decade where her and Husband Simon raised three boys. The artist’s home and studio has been in North Narrabeen for the past 10 years, just footsteps away from the lake.
Karen’s artistic inspiration stems from the very essence of life and the unique emotions that it can evoke from the artist and her audience. The local natural environments she’s been exposed to have contributed to the growth of her unique creative language and the authentic way that she expresses this in her composition.
Her unique passion for living life, allows her to appreciate the beauty in nature. Nature is in the forefront of the entirety of the artist’s work, thus, her inspiration and unique appreciation has generated authentic Landscapes, Still Life and more recently, Figures in the Landscape.

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