Marisabel’s art practice is highlighted by bold and bright colours. She creates a visual narrative that gives insight into the emotional aspect of human nature.

Her work takes off initial imagery in her environment which is laid down in a composition of layers and marks that capture the range of emotions she senses from everyday situations. She presents the mundane in a playful way with the aim to invite the viewer into a self-compassionate conversation.

Her works have been published by  Dagmar Haas-Pilwat at the Rheinische Post while exhibited in Dusseldorf, Germany in 2017 and broadcasted at Euro TV Interview by Katherina Zilkowski.  She has worked hand-in-hand with interior designers on various projects and with SBS Australia on “Mujer Tu Me Inspiras” Community Project. She has also presented exhibitions in Den Haag and Sydney, including The Parliament House NSW,  and her works are held in private collections in Australia, Germany, Singapore, Dominican Republic, United States, and Venezuela.

Marisabel lives in Sydney and shares her time between her art and clinical practice.